Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Ah Taika, I knew this would be a worthy shot... although I did wait for cheap night.

Ricky Baker has been passed around the child welfare system many times, but finally seems to hit it with Bella and her husband Hector. However, circumstances lead Ricky into running into the bush, and Hector goes after him. But then Hector nearly breaks his leg, and so they need to hold up in the bush... and that's where people get the wrong idea, and soon they are the object of a manhunt. But they don't want to be found, and so it's bush all the way.

Ah, brilliant. This is a light movie, with some very touching moments (and a great performance from Sam Neill). While I don't recognise the locations, there are a few familiar faces (including a wee cameo from Scotty). I was grinning and the audience was laughing.

Enjoyable, check it out!

Oh, and a classic moment worth remembering:


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