Friday, 22 April 2016

Ninth Star Cops

The last episode of the season, and it features one of the worst planet sets I've ever seen, with an astronaut shadow cast over the far hills...

It's all about the Martian that is discovered, and on the moon a group has gathered to discuss this. There are two deaths, and they happen to be pilots that aren't registered. Unusual cargo is placed on outgoing boxes, and it isn't clear what's going on. Until the final moment when nearly everything is uncovered and wrapped up, and then everyone is off to Mars!

This is the last script of Chris Boucher, and there are a lot of elements in play. Almost too many. Chris seems to go for the 'if enough stuff is going on, then the audience won't have time to ask questions', and there were more than one moment when I had no idea what was going on. Theroux isn't even in this story, and Anna Shoun is largely sidelined (he didn't like her), as this is more Pat Kenzy's story (with an old figure from her past taking a turn to turn up).

All up, the story is a bit of a mess, and you'd expect better from the series creator. It's overwhelmed by the Big Idea of the Martian, but tries to be a bit too clever. Shame really.

And, as mentioned before, this was intended to lead into a second season, this time on Mars. Let's wait and see if that happens, eh?


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