Friday, 8 April 2016

Seventh Star Cops

It's the turn of the Arabs. The lead woman has bodyguards in taub and keffiyeh, and believes in cutting off the hand in retribution of thieving.

Despite the stereotyping, this is a decent enough basic story, with sci-fi twists. Embryos are stolen and the person who did it was playing a concert at the time. It turns out... he has a clone! The cops are slowly on the way but aren't taking the obvious for granted, and have to run against time to save some embryos as well as the Arabs taking revenge on the pianist... And Anna gets more characterisation, so take that haters!

So this is a good story that isn't by Chris Boucher. The stereotype aspect is there, but frankly it doesn't overwhelm the story like some of the previous stories. The idea of embryos isn't explored a lot, but it is taken as a basic element of the culture. Nowadays, I can already hear people screaming about pro-whichever. The clone is a more fitting version of the otherwise typical twin twist, and Brian Gwaspari does a good job with the different versions.

People are ready to swear off any non-Chris Boucher story, but this is a good one.


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