Friday, 6 May 2016

Cul de Sac, The 2

The great New Zealand science fiction continues! This is created by Stephen J Campbell, who has written for a fair few shows, although no science fiction. I can't say this is a shocking revelation.

There's exposition given in this episode as a plane turns up that happens to be the one plane containing the one person who could explain everything, and happens to be related to the main character. Because why bother with hinting at coincidences, when you can just go ahead and have the universe contain about five people. Anyway, there seem to be adults, but the kids are still alone, so we watch them go from the school to the home to the army base... and that's about it.

Oh, and there are strange creatures that are badly imaged large humanoid beings. The CGI just isn't impressive in this series. However, I will give props to the empty city. There are a few shots of the character walking through town with no sign of any other people or lights... or cars, or trash? That's a bit odd, unless the wave is very cleaning. Oh, and despite electricity not working, batteries do, so stored chemical energy is fine... does that mean electricity can be generated, and the water plants should be able to get back up and running easily? Ah, but I'm picky.

This series is just feeling small and compact, in a way of 'let's just get the main story told without taking time to relax and decently craft the story'. We are only two episodes of six down, and it feels like things are racing to try to tell everything.


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