Thursday, 19 May 2016

Missing Translation

Another free to play. In this case you are in a world where there is only puzzles...

First, you can choose to be male or female, so bonus! Although it matters not. After waking up during the night, you pop out for a stroll and then are sucked into an alternative dimensions where parts of the machine that transported you are around the place. You need to find them and solve sets of puzzles to get them back. And there are other peoples around, and you can only communicate by speaking in a limited set of symbols.

There are 25 of each set of puzzle... which means that fatigue can set in rather quickly as it's just the same old same old time and again, only slightly harder. There are also some other puzzles around, although I'm not sure I got them all as some doors remained locked. Do they always? Although I did get all the achievements...

All up, it took me over an hour to play, with some backtracking and playing around, and again I'm not sure if this is a game I will go back to. Still, a nice wee go.


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