Saturday, 28 May 2016

Starring 10th Trek

Here we hit peak Star Trek... and by peak, I mean the final movie before the reboot.

We've done the Klingons and the Borg, so let's go for the other classic race, the Romulans! Lead, obviously, by a white human, because of course. And he turns out to be a clone of Picard, despite that Tom Hardy looks nothing like Patrick Stewart to my eyes. Once the players are in place, it's then a large starship chase until the ramming (no-one says "Ramming Speed", boo!) and finally Data is replaced by who will be the same person.

In contrast to everything else I've said about this series, in this case I will say that the light hearted stuff is far better than the drama. So much of this story revolves around the surprise that Shinzon is Picard that if you don't care about that, a lot of this movie falls down. And it doesn't mean anything to me, and it doesn't feel like the movie really tries to build it up either, it just assumes that this will be meaningful. And thus, it is flat.

Brett Spiner nearly gets something decent to do, but Data is undermined by clearly having a replacement in B-4. And by the fact that Brett is 53 at this point.

With that, this isn't a terrible way to see out the series, but this has been an up-and-down tour of Star Trek movies.


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