Monday, 9 May 2016

Video everywhere but here

I am wanting to get a hold of Dr NakaMats, a film I rather enjoyed. But can I find it anywhere?

I can find it on Amazon. There is a copy there, I can even rent it... except not here in New Zealand. There is a copy on DVD, for $15, and all it is is this company burning a disc... that's not worth that much! Plus shipping! There was supposed to be a Blu Ray with lots of extra stuff on it, but no sign of that either.

There is also a copy available on iTunes, for download and everything... except not in New Zealand again.

Oh, and Hulu has one. Or is it Vimeo? Either way, I can't get at it. There might be a copy via YouTube, but I can't even see that offer.

Yes, I get the rights thing, but there is a sense of this being ridiculous, especially for a documentary like this!


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