Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Xmans Apocylisp

It's a big movie featuring a lot of character we are supposed to care about! At least, the movie assumes we do, because it doesn't do any work to suggest that to us for itself.

The first mutant comes awake due to an amazingly convenient shaft of sunlight, and the big brain guy completely misses the arrival of someone with all this power. The hell? Anyway, Magneto's evil switch is flipped to on in the most obvious and stupid way ever, and he and others join forces with Apocy in order to... well, be evil, as near as I can tell. Fortunately, the good guys get a lot of new recruits that we should recognise, and eventually everyone gets into a big battle. A big CGI battle. With actors standing in poses against green screen no doubt, while everything around them, and bits of them, are replaced with graphics.

Basically, it's a movie, and it's going through its paces, with set pieces to bring people together and moments to introduce characters. Without any real sense of caring, as though the movie thinks that just having these people we know is enough to generate a sense of investment. Can't say it worked for me.

Not to say that this was a bad movie. Just that it wasn't anything impressive. There were a few nice sequences visually, but nothing really emotional to stick with you.\

And then the movie ended.


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