Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Now I Am Seeing Again

I rewatched the first movie although having seen the sequel I don't think the script writers did.

The Horsemen are known for exposing people... only they aren't, and their latest exposing goes bad and they are threatened to do a job for people who are exposing them. You can guess their plans, because of course they will, and then it becomes bluff, double bluff, triple bluff as the writers try to scam the audience into making them think what's going on.

The main aspect of the first movie that annoyed me is that there was so much magic that was obvious post editing effects. While there is supposedly more real magic done here, there's also so much more obvious CGI magic effects too. There are some very 'cute' scenes involving tricks, but I couldn't even buy into it because it's easy to have magic when you have a movie company helping you run things.

The other part I couldn't buy into was the characters. The writers retcon some of the relationships and cover it with 'I wasn't able to say anything before', but that just feels like 'this wasn't a part of the first movie and we came up with this now for the second movie'. And replacement-Henley is so incredibly annoying...

The big problem is that I have no interest in these people winning. I don't consider them good guys, nor as bad guys I want to root for to win against the good guys, that I can't get invested in them.

And there's a third movie already planned.


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