Thursday, 30 June 2016

White Storm

This is the third book in the Gemini Force series, White Storm.

We start with a plane crashing into a train tunnel, and Ben sees some horrific things. And then, the story goes over to Davos where there is a group of high and powerful types meeting. They get trapped, but before he can get involved, Ben gets kidnapped himself.

There was supposed to be three books, and this is the third, so we wrap up some points. The nature of Gemini Force itself, and the role Ben plays in it. And in this book... Ben is far less annoying than the previous book. He's less whiny and gets on with it more. However, he is also less involved with the action, meaning new action sequences need to be invented just to give him something to do that is on the side of the plot.

From the end... while there is no other books planned that I am aware of, I wouldn't be against them.


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