Sunday, 17 July 2016


It's that terrible movie that's clearly terrible because it has women in it!

Ghosts bust through, and the ghost busters stop them!

On the whole... this was actually quite a good movie! I'm not saying it was as good as the original (because my glasses are too rose tinted to allow that), but this is far superior to any impression made by the trailer... but I'll come back to those trailers later. As for the female aspect... actually, aside from one or two jokes, the gender of the busters is entirely irrelevant to the movie/plot/anything at all really. In this respect, the movie treats the cast far better than the majority of the YouTube commentors.

In many ways, this is the sort of story that works best when rebooting a series. It tells a story similar to the first, but there are enough differences to make it feel fresh and a new take on it. We get a familiar yet different version of them coming together, a different first spook capture, and so on. It feels comfortable while also being updated.

And the cast is fine. Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy get the bulk of the script and the focus. Kate McKinnon... feels more like they needed someone else in frame rather than having a proper role for her. "We need a gadget person... right, let's move on." And Leslie Jones gets some great stuff to do as well.

Very well done, and bring on more!


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