Monday, 11 July 2016

Pepper & Carrot

This is something that I nearly Kickstartered... but didn't for reasons I will get into in a moment.

Pepper is a witch, and Carrot is her companion cat. She goes through several adventures, and usually comes out all right... or, at least, not terribly. Even Carrot gets more than a few things to do that show him off as being better than the average cat. The art style is evocative of a more painting style, and it's a nice easy read...

Which makes it a shame that someone tried to take credit for it. They claimed to be responsible for publishing his book, whereas they had no connection at all with the author. I pulled out of that, and wasn't the only one. Indeed, last I saw, it got shut down.

But, hey, it's definitely worth getting, and the first thirteen episodes are available to grab in a PDF, but they are all available for free on his website. Definitely to check out.


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