Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Second Tick

The big thing at the moment is... another live action The Tick series.

I didn't watch the original tv series. Patrick Warburton (who's a producer here) just didn't strike me as a Tick I wanted to watch, and I can't remember who anyone else was. Now, I did see the cartoon... and I loved it! It was fantastic! And it was incredibly goofy. Chairface Chippendale? The Galactus-rip ate a bite of the moon. Great stuff! And kept continuity! (And now I want to watch it again.)

So now we have this pilot for a new series sponsored by Amazon. Peter Serafinowicz is the Tick, and Griffin Newman is Arthur and... the problem I have with this series is that it plays the Tick and the setting far too seriously. Arthur's father was killed in front of him, and now he's on medication, and is obviously troubled mentally... and he's going to be a wacky superhero! (And the bunny suit isn't white! Riot!) The goofiness is missing, and that's painfully so.

And yet Ben Edlund is involved in this, is writing it, and such, but it feels like a whiff. Perhaps he's too old now and is thinking more serious thoughts, but if so, come up with something else.

This feels like The Tick meets Reality... and the Tick is losing. And it shouldn't be that way.


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