Friday, 9 September 2016

Lost Three Room

We get a little more backstory, but we get more conflict as parties show themselves.

There is sort of development of some of the characters, with the forensic guy getting himself an object (because there is someone who just tracks them), and we find out about some of the origin of the Collectors and such, but not too much actually. That exposition is yet to hit. We go get the payoff moment I mentioned earlier, where the cop wears the coat and is shot in the back... but since the coat is indestructible, he survives! (And we never find out what the coat does.)

The main object we get is the comb, which can stop time momentarily, and there's some fun to be had with that. But the main thing it leads to is the Polaroids that will come into play later.

Being cut-up really doesn't help these episodes. There's more to come and so this feels somewhat unbalanced with no major story advancement. (I can tell what things relate to, but then I have seen this.) But then I wouldn't get six episodes out of this series for my blog!


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