Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Tom Hanks directed by Clint Eastwood about an interesting event in 2009? I'll give that a go.

The Miracle on the Hudson, which wasn't a miracle, just damn fine work by those involved, had repercussions of 'who can we blame?', and this movie is set after the event when there is an investigation. In particular, Sully and Skiles, the pilot and co-pilot, are interrogated to see why they went for landing in the Hudson rather than make it to an airport. We also flash back to moments in Sully's life, and flash back more than once to the actual landing as we see it from different perspectives. As this is based on real life, you know where it's going, but it still feels good to get there.

As it is Tom Hanks you can expect fine performances, although he comes across as very tightly controlled (with all of this, I have no idea how accurate this is). Aaron Eckhart acts the hell out of having a mustache. And I want to call out Molly Hagan for playing a cool AF stewardess who will not take any crap from you.

Good movie, well worth checking out.


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