Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Two Little Boys

They say the sign of true friendship is that someone helps you dispose of a body. And yet, when that actually happens to Two Little Boys.

When Nige accidentally kills someone (which happens at the beginning of the movie), he turns to his friend Deano. And Deano is out to help his friend, whether Nige wants him to or not. And Nige has a new friend, Gav. Deano doesn't like that, but decides that there's is only one thing to do. Give Gav the best day of his life.

It's a New Zealand Comedy, from the director of Scarfies (which I haven't seen). Well, it's definitely New Zealand. But the Comedy... I have to say, not so much. I could tell some moments were supposed to be funny, but generally, it didn't actually exhibit much humour. It didn't help that Bret McKenzie is in constant scared face, and Hamish Blake comes across as a buffoon (which he is supposed to be, but a likable one not really). Maaka Pohatu gives the best performance as Gav.

I have to admit I was expecting better of this. Ah well, there is variation in everything.


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