Sunday, 16 October 2016

Deeepwateer Horizoon

I'll put this upfront: this isn't a BP whitewash film.

We get introduced to the men of DH, and they are running tests on the drill. They are concerned, but the people in charge (the BPers) are pushing them until finally the drill is set off... and off it goes. As with big true disaster movies, it takes a while before the disaster really kicks off. Then it's flame and horrendousness everywhere. (And the implication of a fair few deaths, although only 11 people actually died.)

Marky Mark is one man on the platform, and as he's our hero we can guess he's gonna save some people before making it home to his family. Kurt Russell, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have a family, so can you guess who is going to sacrifice himself? (Note: this is a guess before the end of the movie, so don't consider this spoilers... unless this does actually happen, but you won't know until you spoil yourself. I'm not going to say.)

I don't know what they used as a set (presumably some filming was done on a real rig?), but it looked impressive. If it was CGI enhanced, it was well done. There were a few problems with that the drill was loud but the dialogue wasn't, so that was fun to interpret.

A movie more about how heroic people can be than the spill itself.


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