Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Evening's Empire

I got Doctor Who Magazine back in the day, when it wasn't on screen, and it was filled with Seventh Doctor stories. Evening's Empire was Part One in one issue and then... the other parts never showed up. Other stories were published instead, and eventually everyone moved on as one of those stories that was abandoned... until now. It was released as part of Doctor Who Classics, and now is released as part of the latest Graphic Novel range, which of course I picked up. (As I have all the GNs from DWM.)

In this story, some women around Middlesbrough are going missing, with the Doctor and Ace investigating, along with some members of UNIT. Ace also goes missing, and finds herself in an Empire, courtesy of one Alex Evening. The Doctor manages to enter, but he can't save everyone.

One thing I remember in particular is some of the imagery. Cutting from pouring from a jug to pouring into a cup, and the black of coffee to the black of night, there are some great transitions. The story itself is written by Andrew Cartmel, so expect a Dark Doctor, and the art is by Richard Pears Rayner, who redrew some of the pages for this collection, so this is a Director's Cut.

That all said... I feel like the story is a bit of a let down. From the revelation to defeat is rather quick and easy, so it's all build up without the right level of pay off. At last we have a conclusion, but Andrew Cartmel has done better work.


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