Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I'm not sure if it is obviously inspired by Romeo and Juliet or if it's just me, but this is Geronimo. (No, not the Indian, although if that was a reference, that's another one I'm not getting.)

Imagine if Romeo had eloped with Juliet and their families basically went on the war path for each other. Only they are just a family on each side, in particular Juliet's brother, who are looking for them. Inbetween them all is Geronimo, who just wants everyone to chill out and not get so hung up. It's young love, they're just crazy kids, get over it. But the brother just won't let it go.

Yeah, I'm fairly sure this is supposed to be R&J after all that, which is amazing that I managed to pick that up. Anyway, Céline Sallette is Geronimo, the social educator trying to keep the peace, and while she is often out of her depth, she's willing to get stuck in and actually try to calm things down. Compared to her, the crazy kids on both sides come across as that on any level you want to compare them.

A bit over long, but it keeps the story going well.


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