Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Snowpiercer V.3

With a different team again, we have volume 3: Terminus.

This follows on from the end of the last book. There's power here, so where is it? Investigation leads to an underground city which welcomes them all with open arms... surely that can never be bad, can it? Of course, not everything is as it seems, and the ones at the top have some very strange ideas. And there are those on the train who are more than happy to side with them. Is this the end, or can what remains of humanity as represented by the train people survive without them?

This doesn't give any answers for the wider narrative, but at least explains its own presence. And, unlike the previous books, doesn't end in complete bleakness (not *complete* bleakness).

As we get away from the train, can this be a proper Snowpiercer story? It does feel like a story in the same universe, but separate from what we've had before, even with having the same characters. The team definitely wanted to continue (it was in the end notes that I found out this was a different writer), but I can't help but feel there was another way to continue this.

It's still a decent story, and there isn't any reason for a fourth volume, so I guess we are left with that one last image of possible hopefulness.


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