Friday, 14 October 2016

Two Bojack Horseman

The second season is rated a lot higher, so let's see how it goes.

One thing this season does better is mixed up the stories. While there is still an overall story arc about Bojack trying to feel happy, we aren't just with him as he does the Secretariat movie, but also there's the Diana and Mr. Peanutbutter story, there's the Princess Carolyn story, there's the Todd story (but fortunately not too much of a Todd story because he is the weakest character of the show).

I am surprised by the sense of continuity there is in the series. One or two elements crop up every now and then but are just there subtly until they finally land, and because they've been subtle, they land well and not beaten over your head. The characters are well developed too, and actually maintain believable cohesiveness despite that they do need to get up to zany things at time.

So I'm saying that this season did work a lot better for me. It wasn't all about Bojack but spread out over the cast, which makes it better. Bring on season three!


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