Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Clintonian Cash

This is the documentary that came out to rock the foundation of Hillary's campaign to be President. It's about where the money comes from.

The story is repeated more than once in this movie. In some area of the world, some people want concessions to allow them to make a lot of money in a way that the Clinton's outspoken political views would be against. Bill is paid lots of money for a speech, and then Hillary arranges for that person to get concessions. Money trumps morals, basically.

And yep, this happens. I have no doubt that there are some very shady things in the Clinton's past and probably present. However... I would contrast this against pretty much any other politician and point to several lobby groups that pay politicians to forward their agendas. How is this different?

Which, to be direct, is not an excuse for Clinton, but to point out that there's lots of corruption around, and there is an obvious reason why they are in the spotlight at the moment.

And when you compare to the other guy, this isn't anywhere near as bad...


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