Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Frenetic Beats and Where to Hear Them

With Readings down, I went to Embassy instead to see this. Man, those seats... I need to sit with nothing in front of me...

Anyway, the Doctor turns up in period New York and the suitcase bomb goes off... well, let's some animals out. Which enables them to go on a fun chase/montage sequence later in the movie to get them back! Yay! But then there's also a bad guy in the area, and so he and his assistants might work to uncover that while repeating the Ministry trial scenes from the last book. I do want to comment about the ending, but without spoilers, I will say it's surprising the Doctor hasn't done that more often.

Okay, yes, Eddie Redmayne is not the Doctor, but he was channeling Matt Smith's portrayal perfectly. At least in this case, we get some realistic American accents. But still just as tried as redone plots as the series itself.

DW aside, how does this fare? Eh, it's all right. I was never enamoured of the HP universe, so I wasn't craving this like some other people. It passed the time pleasantly enough... and apparently there will be more of them. Joy.



Jet Simian said...

Might be off to see this tomorrow! Have you not seen the Star Rogue movie yet?

Jamas Enright said...

Wednesdays seem to now be new movie posts... but no, I haven't yet.