Monday, 12 December 2016

See of Treas

Once more into the Aokigahara Forest, with a movie that doesn't know if it's trying to be drama or supernatural something.

A man enters the Forest, most likely to commit suicide, but finds another man in there, and quickly decided to help him. While doing so, we flash back to the man and his wife, as she is diagnosed with cancer, and then treated. However, in the forest, they are unable to find a way out, and barely manage to survive. Eventually we find out what happens to the wife (which I saw coming a scene early), and the man. Awww....

The part with the wife is drama. Not bad, a bit on the obvious side, we can see where it's going, and there it is. The part in the forest... was the forest trying to do something with them? Did they just get naturally lost? Was the other man real? We'll never know... because the movie didn't really care. Yes, it's about the man finding the will to live on without his wife, and beyond that the movie wasn't putting much of an effort in.

We get a subdued performance from Matthew McConaughey, a brief performance from Naomi Watts, and a better on screen presence in the form of Ken Watanabe. But not much presence of light, the forest is dark, and that's what you're not going to see, dammit!

A more downer of a film, probably not on my general list, but let's see what they do with the last go.


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