Friday, 16 December 2016

T.P 2.2

With this we continue with some form of continuity, with the return of Peter from The Medusa Strain. But this is A Rift In Time.

The TPs need to go back to 1 A D in order to save Peter from his gladitorial capture. But, as it turns out, their powers have been removed, because one of the people, Gaius, is a time traveler. He's set up a steam powered machine, and leaves... however one of the slaves knows too much about it, and changes the future/present day. So then they need to go back to the past, but the new present wants to preserve itself, and the latter lot are doing far better in Roman times than the TPs.

This story makes a bit of a meal of it all. Including a lot of eating, an explanation of time paradoxes, and monkey suits. And although this is four episodes, there is only enough material for three. By which, I mean the recaps are so long there might well have been only three episodes edited out to four.

The resolution is a bit pants. It is kind of set up, but the final result is more useful coincidence in a way that has nothing to do with the TPs doing anything.

There could have been more with the changed timeline, but clearly they wanted to do more of a Roman costume drama than anything actually interesting. That said, if this was better edited, it might be a far better story.


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