Monday, 15 May 2017

Doctor Who 10.5


This is a simple base under siege story... and it doesn't do anything interesting with it. To be honest, the biggest surprise was that only Bill was brought back, not all of them. It could easily have been said "for cost reasons, we are deactivating people until we can get profit and then reactivate them" and then everyone lives! And certainly no-one's particularly sad at the end at the number of deaths, and indeed it's positive "we're gonna go complain!" at the end. Really?

And wait a minute... it's half the episode before we meet the rest of the crew. So we have a bit of the Doctor and companions running away from the zombies... and then a section with the Doctor and companions running away from the zombies. Including a bit in which Bill dies, so we know that's not going to be permanent.

Really, what's happening by the end of the episode. We have that "the Doctor tried to evade his responsibilities and is punished for it", but why now? And the whole episode just for that pay off?

This episode just feels over done.

NEXT TIME: Big build up to giving away the surprise guest star/ending. Oops.


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evildicemonkey said...

I couldn't stop thinking about the Suits in the Fallout:New Vegas DLC, Old World Blues because they're essentially the same thing with a different motivation. I wonder if anyone on DW has played that game?

Also, the reveal at the end? What a shitty way to do it. Why not have it teased out until the end of the series, or at least next episode, now we're going to be looking at Bill and seeing things she's missing and thinking "She's dumb for missing those obvious things.", what a waste of a character changing moment (which of course will be removed soon enough).