Wednesday, 1 August 2018

MI FaalOot

Sure, let's go for an action movie that doesn't require a lot of thought. And I saw this at an advanced screening, woo!

So, let's recap the movie... um.. I remember the final big sequence... and before that, I remember snatches of what happened... oh right, there are plutonium cores out there, so the IMF team has to get them back, Along the way, they team up with various different people, and various true loyalties are revealed... none of which are surprising in this slightest.

This is not a sophisticated plot. Yes, there's a lot of it to get from one action sequence to the other, but ultimately none of it really matters. Indeed, there's a whole section of bad guys that are referred to, but they never actually turn up. Holding on to them for the next movie? Or were they just forgotten and/or dealt with an offhand line of dialogue? This series is now pretending they have a lot of continuity to refer to, so it could be the former, but I doubt it.

Don't go into this expecting an indepth story and well drawn out characters and situations. But as long as you don't want that, this'll do.


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