Thursday, 16 August 2007

Hey, I have a politcal leaning!

Thanks to Foo's comment yesterday, I now know about, in which I can check out my political stance.

Now, I'm not entirely positive about the results, as I wasn't entirely positive what the statement was saying. Also, most of my answers were "agree" or "disagree" instead of "strongly agree"/"strongly disagree". But all that said, what am I? About 30% left, about 60% social libertarian. (Here's a nice graph that plots me.)

Political Compass also has the NZ Parties as they were in 2005. So, from that, I can see that the closest party to me are... The Greens! Now that, I wouldn't have picked... although they do have some things I agree with... I wonder if they want some of my mone...hey, wait, they thing GE is bad! Fools! So much for that correlation.



Foo said...

It's quite fun seeing where different people lie such as Stalin/Hitler/Ghandi etc...uhhhh, not that they took the test but we can assume someone took it for them -maybe-.

Re: your comment about political parties - I think most parties would have policies which people agree with but I guess it's about picking the one that has the most going for it - there are elements of policy from Green/Act/Labour and National that I agree with but in the end I go with the one that has the most areas...can't win them all I suppose!

Jamas Enright said...

Not that voting really makes much difference. I live in an electorate that is decidedly... something, National, Labour, whatever, so despite what those ads say, my vote doesn't really count.

Foo said...

But you get two votes now so while one electorate might sway one way another will go the other. Going by your comment, the whole country is decidedly 'something'. If polls are be believed, Nats have a really healthly lead at the moment and therefore there's not much point voting. I think the trick is to convice people not to vote and then take control of the voters. Last election things were very tight and the smaller parties (well, one of them) was given a stronger hand.

It's quite interesting to see the electorate spread with National primarily in rural/Labour primarily in cities. Similar in way to the US with Democrats on the East and West coasts and Republicans in the middle.

Ahhhh, imperfect system for an imperfect world.