Wednesday, 15 August 2007

News roundup

A number of articles have been in the papers over the past few days, and while they could be their own entries, I've decided to dump them into one (and thus don't need to say as much).

Christian Politics
I'm not in any way political (which is why I like working for Statistics NZ, easy to be politically neutral when you're politically ignorant). But when people start saying we need a political party based on Christian values, I can't help but be very worried. I would suggest those people read the damn bible, because then they'll find out what those values really are. (My favourite is Luke 19:27.)

Grr, give me more money!
Interesting study that shows that angry men are respected more than sad men, which are respected about as much as sad women, all of whom are far more respected than angry women. That's right, angry women are right down the bottom of the respect list. Perhaps it's because of their puny, puny muscles... or that we live in a male patriarchal society that favours man brawn power... nah, it's their tiny, tiny muscles...

Those crafty deer, keeping an eye out for bibles...
You can get camouflaged bibles... but why? Who really thinks that animals will be scared away when they hear the good news? (Although given that animals don't tend to fair well, they'd be well to fair.) One comment I like: "Because we believe that God created all this," we think it'll be a great idea to go out and shot it up!



Foo said...

Love the first article, especially the line: "While independent MP Taito Phillip Field has his own ambitions for a Pacific Christian political party, 14 bribery and corruption-related charges stand in his way."

Jamas, as a stats man is this true?: "Statistics on child abuse, where children are with their biological parents, is so much lower,"

My God, some of the comments are...interesting to say the this one: "I would support any party that would uphold Christian values. Recently parliament passed the anti-smacking bill. I was against the passing of that bill. By doing that we are causing damage to family life. It will cause hatred within the heart of the family."
Hatred in the heart huh? That's some cool alliteration going on - could almost be lyrics from a song.

Jamas, have you checked out at all? It's quite an interesting site and even if you are apolitical it's kinda fun taking the quiz. It maps left/right (Communism/Neo-liberalism) and Authoritarian/Libertarian (Fascim/Anarchism) to give a better picture of political standing instead of the usual left/right rhetoric.

Jamas Enright said...

As a stats man, let me say "most stats are bunk". But questions that always occur to me are "is less abuse reported?" and "is there an actual change or just in reporting?" No idea what stats they were looking at.

As for politicalcompass.. well, that'll now be another blog entry!