Sunday, 16 September 2007

Watch out!

What's easier that linking to YouTube videos? Linking to other people who link to YouTube videos!

The first is a Pharyngula entry which links to a Horizon documentary on the Dover Trial over intelligent design. Goes into the details of id more than the full trial, lots of background, some simplification of the facts, but quite interesting. I've read the transcripts and the judgment may be simply stated as "Judge Jones pwned intelligent design".

Another is a Bad Astronomy entry on Kent Hovind and the Rational Response Squad. As we all know "not copyrighted" means that you can use material however you wish... unless you wish to point out that the original material is basically WRONG and show what the truth is. Which is what the RRS did to Hovind's NOT COPYRIGHTED material via YouTube. To which Hovind responded by getting YouTube to pull the videos for use copyrighted material that was NOT COPYRIGHTED! The videos linked here are the RRS pointing out just how inane that is.

The third is an entry on Richard Dawkins' site, linking to a three hour live interview with Christopher Hitchens. That is one extremely intelligent man.


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