Monday, 15 October 2007

Yes, no, yes... maybe!

One of the best series on American TV is, of course, House, M.D. That is, when you can watch it. Season three was all over the place schedule-wise, and it looks like season four is starting off just as bad. We've had three weeks of the show... but, wait, now there's a week gap. What the hell is Fox up to? It just seems random when it wants to actually get around to showing a damn good series (but at least it's keeping the time the same). Do they simply have a big tank filled with balls with dates on them, and get manatees to randomly pick them up? No, that can't be it, that's how they get the plot to Family Guy...


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Foo said...

Yes, TV shows have been treated pretty poorly in the past by ABC/Fox etc

Lost, Heroes, Family Guy, American Dad, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives - not that I would ever watch that! ;-) etc have all been stopped and started at irregular intervals.

Lost Season 4 has been delayed until Jan next year to ensure they have a clear run of all 16 episodes and don't have to stop/start it all the time. It isn't really anything to do with the makers - rather the way stations change schedules at the last minute (probably when competing with other stations).