Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Reviewing TSV 55

Yep, I'm talking about TSV 55. The reason why I gave this post the title I did is because when I was proof-reading the entries, the overwhelming impression I got was of reviews. Slews of reviews.

Brad Schmidt and Paul Scoones take on the books, but we also have one, two, three, three video reviews, ah-ha ha! Two of which come with extended highlights.

However, I had a slightly biased view as some pieces were already on the web, and some pieces I wouldn't see in the text version. Notes from Who Island is a long piece from Paul about his England experiences which was added long ago, and Chrysalis is a strip from Peter Adamson that takes up many jpeg images.

But there are some non-review stuff to read: a very apt piece of fiction by Brad Schmidt, and some geeky rantings from the Preddle-miester.

This issue comes out only a few weeks after 54, so many not that long to go until 56 with something from me... although there was more exciting stuff in that issue that anything of mine...

(As ever, go read more interesting comments from Paul and Alden.)


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