Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hostel II: Fully Booked

So previously was the first one, and now I've seen the sequel. Hostel II is about a group of female backpackers, a clearly original variation on the male backpackers of the last movie. Lots of time passes as they wander around not being tortured, and, yes, the fast forward button was pressed. Eli tries something different in showing how the other side get in on it (yep, we're talking murderers here), but frankly I'm not routing for anyone to "win" (as it were).

At least until the last ten minutes. Then the plot does something actually interesting that made being bored by the two movies worthwhile. Not that anyone should endure these two movies just for that, but it does create an actual highpoint.

But once again, the splatter is low. A little more than the first movie, but still not really going all out.

As I said though: why appreciate splatter?

Firstly, it's fiction. Let's be clear about that. We know it's fiction, and so don't feel guilty about the violence on the screen.

Secondly, and the main thing, the special effects. The splatter shows off the true special effects artistes. Wow, that limb just got hacked! Hey, that person's head was just axed! Oh, was that her liver? Man, I don't think that's supposed to twist like that!

The more realistic, the more gross, the better the effects team (and the director/cameraman) are doing their job. Cutting away just cheats of their chance. Show it! Make them earn their money! This is what appreciating splatter is all about!


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