Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Hostile about Hostel

There are some films that become wannabe legends in their own lifetimes, films that get overhyped in their own genre. Hostel is one such movie, doubly so because of Quentin Taratino's name being attached to it.

Last night I finally sat down and watched this movie. And fast forwarded through a lot of it. This movie is yet another entry in the "Americans don't get horror" file. This isn't horror. Butchering people is splatter. Look at the Saw movies. They are splatter. Look at Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that is splatter. Hostel is splatter. Moreover, it's bad splatter. It's... and this is a terrible thing to say... boring. It takes half the movie to get going (trying to pass time by showing naked women) and then there's no real splatter, a lot of it takes place just off camera, and we see the make-up'ed after effects.


I can get into the splatter genre, indeed own the Saw movies, but I'm wondering why I took a punt and now own this. And, sad to say, Hostel II. There's watching I'm now not looking forwards to. (But once I've done that, I'll blog about what appreciating splatter really means.)


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