Monday, 19 May 2008

DW: Episode 4.7

Oh course it looks gorgeous! It's the BBC doing a period piece!

This episode was almost painful. No, I'm not saying it was a bad story, but... yes, I got the Christie story elements (although the Wasp was new) and even more so picked up on the titles... but this was not a good thing! Gareth, surely you can do better than that? One would have hoped that Shakespeare Code would have gotten it out of your system, but here we are again... (And, no, having Donna hang a lantern on it didn't help.)

Then there's that ending... the whole "confront them all in the library"... really? And of course the Doctor was going to be involved in her disappearance. Then the padding at the end of the Death in the Clouds (don't think I've read that one)... It's all a love letter to Agatha Christie, with the audience looking on from outside.

Recognised a few of the actors too. Aside from Min, there was Felicity Kendal and Christopher Benjamin. Wow! Big names (although of course Christopher was making a return to the Doctor Who set). The characters were pretty one dimensional, but then that's the way Gareth wanted them. The Doctor and Donna were also pretty generic too (the latter in a "generic companion" way).

Next week fortnight: Oh, that looks interesting! Spooky library and people in space suits!


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