Thursday, 1 May 2008

On the Campaign path

There will be people who will be able to say more about this than me, but I had a part in bringing of the most... astounding Doctor Who novels that never were to a pdf file near you.

I'm talking about Jim Mortimore's Campaign, of course. It was commissioned for the BBC Books, but then when Jim provided a roller-coaster of a ride no-one was prepared to go with, it was rejected and then provided as a book one could buy and the money went to charity for. (That's when I got my autographed copy.) However, BBC couldn't let that happen, and so it was pulled after too short a run.

Many years later, Paul Scoones approached (I presume, I'll link to his entry if he writes one) Jim about making it an ebook on the NZDWFC website. Jim liked the idea and wrote some essays about the history... but was a little more explicit and email inclusive that Paul felt comfortable with (not wanting to earn any legal problems).

Enter moi. I tidied up his main essay on the actual writing (ie. minor spelling typos fixed) which is nearly as insane writing as the book itself, removed the entire reviews that were quoted (we have extracts now), and extracted and rewrote the problem areas of the "behind the scenes"... and now we have it on the web.

This all said, while this can be gotten free, I do recommend getting in touch with Jim for a physical copy. Nothing like owning something you can hold in your hand, and you can get the unexpurgated essays as well! Hopefully, it will last longer in print than last time...

Anyway, cheers to Campaign!


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