Sunday, 27 July 2008


I've been rewatching Series 3 of Doctor Who, and one thing that affords is being able to make more connections. And I've noticed a few things:

* In Smith and Jones, the Doctor transfers genetic material via a kiss.

* In The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords, the Master is kissing Lucy Saxon a lot.

* (And just what other genetic transfer has happened between him and his wife?)

* A red fingernailed hand (admittedly that of the production manager and not the actress) picks up the ring at the end...

So has Lucy being contaminated and now thinks she is the Master? And was subdued while the original Master was around? Could this be not only why she shot him, but also chanted the Doctor's name? To whit, "get this guy out of the way, so I can be the Master proper".

While most of us picked Lucy as the hand at the end, it's only when one recalls the first episode of the series that the mechanism comes out.

(Although whether or not RTD was thinking any of that is anyone's guess... and maybe we'll see the Master (Mastrix?) return in one of the specials??)


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