Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I see... advertising!

Before I start attacking this vapid piece, let me say: no-one should be threatened. That said, when a psychic gets threatened, the usual thing to say is "didn't she see that coming?" Eh. Instead, let me say that since she's used to working with the police on undoubtedly many successful, yet undetailed, cases, she should be able to provide enough details of her threatener to get him arrested. Now that'll be news! (...that we won't see any time soon...)

Fortunately, the article moves on to a supernatural episode in which Sue Nicholson was taken to the hospital with an ailment similar to a case she was investigating. But "Sue said she couldn't explain her condition to doctors, as she had signed a confidentiality agreement with Sensing Murder." ...WHAT???... Really? The producers are so callous as to let their star attraction die rather than reveal what old case they are looking into? Can we get some investigating of health and safety practices going on?

But, never fear, be sure that she's back on track and giving 100%, as can be seen in the new series of Sensing Murder, starting next week. Phew. Although this is a terrible thing, it's just as well something happened in time for them to promote the new Sensing Murder series, or someone might have had to come up with some vapid article about how someone did something that is completely unverifiable and purports to be the truth... just as well we were saved from that! That was a close call!

(Tip of the third eye to Foo for first drawing my attention to this piece.)


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