Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Quantum of Boredom

This is going to be an odd review. The latest Bond pic is... boring.

It might be that I was a little tired, but... it didn't really come across that the makers were trying any more. "Throw in a car chase, have a couple of things explode, shot lots of people, that'll make them happy." Even the director found other things to shoot and put in the film rather than shots with the actual cast in them. And as for the plot... well... it was really rather lame. They are trying to set up some big organisation, but I'm not at all impressed by their plans so far.

Daniel Craig presumably is a good actor, but wooden doesn't come close. The "Bond girls" are... pretty in a vague way. Mattieu Amalric is a wanna-be bad guy, but hardly rates as a threat. Judy Dench is the only person to bother watching this movie for.

Frankly, the entire movie can be summarised in this Sony ad featuring Bond, in which Daniel Craig stands there while things explode and he just barely has an expression on his face... yawn...


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