Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Chronicles of Risan: Part the Sixteenth

We return to our ongoing excitement with the artificers, and come across a lighthouse/guard outpost. Wanting to have a nice chat, we head in in our longboat. Aren't we nice? As in: nice targets! We just manage to get to the tower as they start shooting the cannon at us. (Just as well I'm such an amazing thief or we might not get in through that hatch.)

Inside, humanoids attack us, mostly human and yet riddled with dark veins of chaos energy. That can't be good. I get to be a lot of a spectator, and yet still get hit. How dare they! They do have an interesting store room, which they tried to put behind a locked door... did I mention I was an amazing thief?

We found the room that was loading shells to the cannon upstairs, so I decided to head upstairs and try to stop them using them. Nice idea. Pity about the bad guy in the exo-skeleton armour. Hitting him was interesting, caused lots of springs and bolts and stuff to fly off, and he liked emitting a lot of steam. Now that was annoying.

Others in the area shot at up with fancy weapons that shot lumps of metal (what? we're in a fantasy setting, we don't recognise guns). My bow is still better, really, but I didn't get to introduce them to that as by the time we finally got the exo-chap down, they ran away!

Looking at the notes, we need to jump through the rift into the chaos plane to get to the home islands. I'm sure that won't be a problem at all...


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