Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The TSV Religion

The next TSV is out in the archives: TSV 61. Of note is the article examining New Zealand's own production of Seven Keys to Doomsday (although the actor playing the Doctor was from England, not NZ), and high humour can be found in the Time Flight cartoons.

My own work increased in this issue. For one, I wrote a piece looking at the way religion is used in Doctor Who and how it is generally negatively portrayed (usually to make conflict for the story). Not sure I'd take the same stance now, but the point is still valid.

I also stepped up as the main reviewer of the BBC books, which I now think back on, starting with:
The Ancestor Cell: Still remember this badly. As in: remember this as being bad. It really was a clunky, clumsy way to end the Future War arc (although the arc did need to be ended).
Casualties of War: Nice book, pleasanter than many other reads, but not brilliant.
Heart of TARDIS: Dave Stone was a bit more than a little full of himself here. Especially the Fourth Doctor and Romana stuff.
Prime Time: All I recall is that this was a bad send-up of the BBC. Oh, and the revealed death at the end.
Imperial Moon: Bad, bad book. Bad plot device to start, badly written, just bad.

Read also Paul and Alden.


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