Tuesday, 31 March 2009

HC Again

More and more and more playing!

In Friday's game, we are hunting the elusive Holmes. We so nearly manage to defeat ourselves too! And in the middle of it we are suddenly caught up in an older case that revived itself. Cold Blooded Killing.

I got into Saturday's game not because I tried, but because I happened to be awake. First up, Matt was GMing a game, and since I was awake, I couldn't pass up that opportunity. Does mean I didn't otherwise get a lot of sleep, and I'm still sick. KFWC.

Then while trying to work out which case we deal with, we are distracted by Sofie killing a vampire. At least, she tried to. And, at least, for her it was a vampire. We can't be having with that. Sofie Goes Wild.

Then we are given a case, but Richard as Ulman really got in the way of the rest of us investigating it. If we had been slightly less strictly lawful... (and yes, I do know that Terry Moa is a cop). Kith and Kin.


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