Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Transporter the Third

Is it possible to be typecast as a driver? If it is, Jason Statham is doing in. Most of his movies at the moment involve him behind the wheel, and, of course with no surprise to anyone, Transporter 3 is no exception.

And yet... there's nothing really that impressive in this movie that hasn't been elsewhere. Okay, fine, I haven't seen Jason Statham on a child's bike before, and that was amusing, but otherwise it's racing the car interspersed with "emotional moments" that are supposed to make us connect with the characters.

Not that they are worth connecting to. Frank Martin is emotionally closed off, drives around and hits people. Valentina is a spoiled rich girl that isn't brought down to earth by what happens to her. Johnston is a "bad guy", with hair that wants to be a mohawk. Inspector Tarconi... is the only likable character in the movie, and that's largely because he's comic relief. None of them are people I want to invest my caring into.

That does leave the effects to distract. There are a lot of pretty ones, but there were also moments when I went "yeah, that can't happen outside of special effects". I really did not get immersed in this movie at all.

See this if you like the action movies, but nothing worthy of actual attention here.


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