Thursday, 30 April 2009

Ad versus Reality

Why is this surprising? We see ads of, in this case, food, and it looks nice, even tempting. And yet when we go in and buythe actual item, how often does what we get actually match the images we are presented with. Take the KFC Famous Bowl, does the actual bowl match the carefully crafted stylised product? Of course not.

That said, some people do expect these things to match. I recall the complaint that Subway didn't create meals in the way indicated by their ads. (Although I'm not sure how happy they would be to create the subs the other way around, especially during busy times.)

(And this doesn't address the issue of the burger appearing bigger than the ad, I recall the Boss Burger needing two hands in the ad... barely fits in one hand!)

I remember seeing a documentary or similar that showed the actual process advertising agencies use to make burgers look nice. Lots of sprays and I don't think all the items used were actual food. If I could find a video I would post it, it demonstrates well that real has no hope of matching what ads can do.


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