Friday, 1 May 2009


Over on Armor Games(*), there have been a bunch of weird, albeit slightly odd, series of games where the point is to escape from a particular room in a house. Some of the puzzles haven't been obvious in their answers, but it's fun and cartoony, so that works.

The Great Kitchen Escape
The Great Living Room Escape
The Great Bathroom Escape
The Great Basement Escape
The Great Bedroom Escape
The Great Attic Escape

But why? One might ask. Why are you continually being trapped in a room?

Well, okay, not sure anyone asked, but there is an answer. To find out, you need to try The Great House Escape! (There's a plot, of sorts. Whoduthunk?)

(Interestingly, these puzzles are six of the nine most popular puzzle and skill games, and the others are fun too, especially Achievement Unlocked.)

(*) Free flash games!


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