Monday, 27 April 2009

Alien Raid!

Caught up with a straight to video sci-fi movie Alien Raiders.

Very much in the line of The Thing, this time instead of the ice, they are in a shop market. Well, that's original. And they aren't the authorities, either, although I'm not sure how scientists could have become so militarised. But, anyway, we have a bunch of people trying to find the one person who's the big bad.

The opening half hour is pretty good, but it settles down into a more tightly focused "who is it?". The ending is a bit of a let down, but mainly because writers have to so that sort of thing because it is "exciting and innovating!" (No, not really.)

The movie does take a long time in the dark, which is either supposed to help it gritty, or to help hide the alien (which helps as the make-up is not the best). There is also cam video from one of the actors, which is getting to be more of a gimmick, but isn't over used here.

As for the actors, the main point I noted was that Carlos "24" Bernard was the lead... but that was about it.

Not a bad movie to settle down with, although straight to video for a reason.

(Certainly better than the other movie I watched last night, The Love Guru. And Deepak Choprah is a loon.)


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