Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Race to Which Mountain?

I wasn't planning on seeing this, but as there wasn't much else going on, it was on at a convenient time and I had a $9 voucher, I decided, what the hey? It's a remake (never saw the original nor the follow up), and I'm sure they're already working on the sequel, but first we have to get to Witch Mountain.

Turns out that the name is a complete misnomer. While there is a Witch Mountain, there isn't a race there as such, and getting there involves little more than a cut scene, but there is a lot of other running around. It's quite the packed movie, with lots of set pieces nicely strung together to help keep the time flying past. It's impressive how well the taxi survives, but it's all in the aid of helping cute kids.

Dwayne Johnson heads up the all-star cast... and by all-star cast, I mean there's him, then a bunch of other people who haven't had more than bit parts in other movies at best. Well, there is Garry Marshall, but looking at his list of credits, no wonder I never recognised him. Oh, and AnnaSophia Robb was Violet Beauregarde! Yeah, big names there...

Anyway, the point is, an enjoyable movie, more so than you would expect.