Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Chronicles of a DM: Part II

Journeying through the caves continued until they reached the entrance to the Tomb of Sartine. However, before they could get inside they spot some statues and instigate an attack against them first [although the badly worded set-up implies that they might have been able to stealth their way past without even having a fight!]. Two stone golems come to life, as do two gargoyles and… a gibbering abomination!

[I have to say I rolled amazingly that fight, rolling a lot of very high numbers and many, many crits. Unfortunately, there were different auras keyed off different conditions, so I kept going “wait, this… no, hang on, no it doesn’t”. Bah! Still, drained them of a lot of healing surges.]

After the battle, they search around and discover 147 platinum in the pools, of which the PCs graciously give seven pieces to their NPC ally, Moyshanna. Yeah, real generous there guys. However, she is a bit on the shy side, and is more interested in getting back her friend Jothan than money.

There is a large trap in front of the door, but they simply disable the one square right in front of the door, then open it with the key they picked up last time (surprised they remembered that).

After a short corridor, they enter the tomb proper, and encounter a room with two obelisks, a mound of skulls, a large pit and a boneclaw! Woo! [This was a very annoying and rather stupid fight. The PCs were pretty much dazed every round, due to an aura, and the monsters’ powers affected each other. The obelisks zapped them if they were nearby, so it ended up with one monster in the middle of the PCs, with them all clustered in a corner. I couldn’t be bothered lowering the power of the fight, although there were only three characters, so meant that though the rounds sped past the fight was drawn out.]

After getting the monsters out of the way, they notice that the obelisks have lots of writing on them, including the words “Fate”, “Destiny”, “Winter”, “Stark”. I’m sure that won’t be important. They also fine 153 pp, and Moyshanna got an entire three! Go team!

With a pit ahead of them, followed by another chamber that will probably kick their asses, they hunker down for another period of rest.


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