Wednesday, 15 April 2009

12 Rounds of AK-SHUN!

Having now seen the latest action flick that was ground out without thought, I am now able to comment more than I was last time.

Basically, it’s an action run-around, lot of stunts and a motive that gets revealed that… hey, wait a minute! This movie is Die Hard 3! By and large the same plot, although McCain isn’t trying to save his girlfriend (still not sure if she is his wife or not). And no Samuel Jackson, unfortunately.

Interestingly, Danny does make a lot of use of the police and the FBI, unlike other action movies where the hero tries to go it alone, even against his law abiding employers. But what’s really amazing is that somehow the movie proper (after the very long set-up) starts in the morning, the villain gives Danny twenty minutes, seven minutes, etc., and yet they end up in the middle of the night by the end of the movie. What is this, a two hour day?

As for my previous predictions, I give myself 1 1/2 marks out of three. One prediction was spot on, another was so-so, and the third was very much off-screen and could be argued away to not be an issue.

And for the acting, nothing impressive. Everyone is by and large generic, and there’s no character development (although to be honest, when these movies do try that, it always feels bolted on).

Nothing brilliant here, but if you must past the time with something to distract your attention, could do worse than this.


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