Saturday, 18 April 2009


(Warning, this does contain spoilers, but I doubt anyone is seriously going to avoid Green Lantern spoilers…)

Took them long enough! I’ve been waiting for a Green Lantern movie for ages! While not the biggest name in DC’s group, Green Lantern is a major player and has been in many large scale events.

But the obvious question is, which one? Mostly likely either Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner. John Stewart is also a possibility given his appearance in the animated JLA adventures, but as this film is live action, and the current rumoured star is Chris Pine, I’m thinking not. Guy Gardner isn’t known enough to be movie material, and Alan Scott is a little too Golden Age. And I’m not even going to mention the alien Green Lanterns...

Hal Jordan would be the most obvious choice, as he has been Green Lantern for the longest, and has a movie origin story ready in the form of Emerald Dawn. Actually, why am I guessing? This is the internet! We have Wikipaedia! Google, and..

Hal Jordan in Emerald Dawn it is! (At least, at the moment...) It is a great story, but exactly how some of the characters will be realised, and what in the story gets compressed, we'll have to wait and see. (Prosthetics for some characters, obviously, but dubious CGI will need to be implemented for others.)

I am glad they are going with classic tales and not the modern lot. I gave up on the comics during the 2005 reboot (aka volume 4). I wasn't enthralled by the storyline during Kyle and suddenly they went pear-shaped with it. If nothing from 1990 onwards is referenced, I won’t be sad.

I'm in no way in the nub of movie news, don't even read Ain't It Cool, so if anyone hits more Green Lantern movie news, can you throw me a link? Cheers!


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Peter A said...

There was a news item on Good Morning yesterday... shooting in Sydney (good nes for the NSW film industry, apparently). Director is Martin Campbell - doubly cool for being the guy who gave us Casino Royale and Zorro, as well as being a kiwi :)